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Day 24!

CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY HERE! Leave out some cookies and milk for Santa and his reindeer tonight! Layla x

Day 23!

Hey JW fans! If you could have ONLY one Christmas wish, what would it be? If you’re okay with sharing yours, post it in the comments section below! Layla x

Day 22!

Hey JW fans! One of my favourite films at Christmas is the Polar Express, so today’s story prompt is inspired by the film! If you could go anywhere on a magical train, where would...

Day 21!

It’s nearly Christmas! Today’s activity for our JW advent calendar is a story prompt – seeing as so many of you are budding writers! Here’s your story subject: Imagine you’re at the North pole,...

Day 20!

Hey JW fans! Spend Sunday making some delicious mince pies to eat while you snuggle up with a good book! That’s if mum’ll let you… Layla x

Day 19!

Hey JW fans! Today we want you to spread the Christmas cheer and make somebody you love feel really special! Making other people happy can also make you happy! It’s a win-win! Layla x

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