10 Reasons You Know You’re A JW Super Fan

1. Every tattoed woman you see reminds you of Marigold from The Illustrated Mum.



2. You’ve worn a ton of rings on your fingers, Jacky-style. (Not easy to write with all that bling, is it?)

Nick's artwork

© Nick Sharratt


3. You never cry – it’s hayfever.

Tracy crying

Just a little something in my eye…

4. Your bookshelf is almost collapsing under the weight of your much-loved, well-read JW books.

JW books

How many JW books do you own?


5. Forget Da Vinci or Monet, the world’s best artist EVER is this man.

Nick Sharratt


6. Your friendship goals are Gemma and Alice.

Gemma and Alice

Bestest. Friends. EVER.

7. You never miss an episode of Hetty Feather on CBBC.

Hetty Feather CBBC

(C) BBC – Photographer: Des willie

8. You can’t help thinking the Dumping Ground sounds kinda fun… dare games with Justine-Utterly-Annoying-Littlewood, playing pranks on Elaine The Pain…

Where the fun happens!

Tracy B’s home.

9. You’ve made at least one JW character costume for World Book Day. Denim skirt + red top + crazy hair = instant Tracy Beaker!

Tracy Beaker

Rocking the TB look.

10. You can’t wait to get your hands on the latest JW Mag! (Our latest issue is out now. Hint hint.)

Issue 104

Brand new issue – OUT NOW!

4 Responses

  1. marty the second says:

    Wow I have answered yes to all of them

  2. Colette says:

    Yep-that’s me!
    Colette xxxx

  3. DestinyShimmers says:

    8 out of 10!
    Number 1 and 9 I got wrong

  4. MAGIC QUEEN says:

    10/10 Its true I am a Jacqueline Wilson super fan

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