Saturday Story Starter – Roll & Write!

Story Starter

Stuck for story inspiration? Play our fun game to get those creative juices going!


All you need is a dice, pen and paper, and LOTS of imagination!


So, what shall we write about today? I know! Something you know lots about; a place where you spend a lot of your time… Let’s write a school-themed story together!


First, roll the dice to pick your main character…
1 – Sammy, the class clown.
2 – Edie, the school bully.
3 – Miss Harvard. She’s the strictest head teacher EVER!
4 – Robbie, the new boy in school.
5 – Trina. Sporty and very popular!
6 – Mr Bates, the creepy janitor.
Jot down your character on your piece of paper.


Now, we roll again to find a setting for our tale…
1 – The dark and dusty school basement.
2 – The head teacher’s office!
3 – In the gym hall.
4 – In the middle of the school playground.
5 – In the classroom.
6 – A quiet corner of the school library.
Jot down your setting alongside your character choice.


Let’s roll once more to choose an interesting twist!
1 – The fire alarm goes off!
2 – A fierce storm means everyone is stuck at school long after home-time!
3 – A celebrity visit has everyone super-excited…
4 – Someone’s pet snake escapes during show and tell!
5 – A special school trip gets off to a disastrous start…
6 – There’s much excitement when a cat wanders into the classroom!
Jot down your twist.
You now have a character, setting and plot twist. You can use these notes as a handy plan for writing your story.


Don’t forget to share your story below! What will you write, and how will you end your school story? We can’t wait to see!

2 Responses

  1. ChocoholicGirl says:

    I used to go on this site so long ago! It’s changed, I guess. And I’ll have a go at this xx

    * * *

    “Seth Reyes is visiting! You’re joking!” Trina squealed, running a hand through her dread locks. She had an array of studs in her left ear, all vivid and gleaming. “He’s so good looking!”

    “Seth Reyes?” Sammy looked up from his phone, suddenly interested. “Like a celebrity coming to this piece of dump?” He snorted in disbelief, “No way Seth Reyes would come here.”

    “Yeah, actually, he would.” A girl feebly protested from the other side of the classroom. Miss Hathaway was struggling in her chair from the latest glue prank; the unfortunate old woman was the target of all of the Year 8’s pranks and although quite hilarious to them, it wasn’t exactly funny.

    Cathy inspected her manicured nails before quickly typing at her phone with her thumbs. She held out the phone screen to show Sammy. “Yeah, it says that he’s visiting like five schools this week and our school is one of them.” She tapped the screen, smugly. “I’m going to get him to sign my MacBook and he’s going to draw a heart, I bet.” She flicked a golden curl behind her head. Her heart shaped face and pouting pink lips didn’t match her snobby personality.

    “Oh, give it a rest,” Trina snapped. “He’s going to see all of us, Little Miss I-Love-Seth-Reyes.”

    “Well, obviously,” Cathy retorted, “but he’s going to like me the most.”

    “He’s like way older than you,” said Edie, who had gained a sudden interest in their conversation. He was the only person who liked Cathy (but maybe it was the fact that she gave him money for him to beat up the people who she found most annoying).

    “Age is just a number,” she pointed out, insistently.

    Trina smirked smugly. “Not when he’s a really hot eighteen year old guy with lots of buzz in the media about all these girls and you’re just a snobby twelve year old brat.”

    Rolling her eyes, Cathy twirled a lock of hair around her finger which was filled up with dark, chunky rings. “Whatever.”

  2. cupcake cat says:

    hi I am cupcake cat I think thats a really good story!I absolutely loved I can not believe how good story writer you are chocoholicgirl! You would make a great auther! I’ll write my story.

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