Saturday Story Starter – Beginning With The Letter…

This week’s Story Starter is more of a writing challenge to get you thinking about how you use words in constructing your story. So, without further ado, here it is…

Start every sentence with a word beginning with your initial!

So, my story could be something like…
Lately, I’d been wondering something. Laura, who I’d known since I was a teeny-tiny baby was coming to stay, and I wondered if she remembered something from our past. Long ago, we’d both been huge fans of a pop star. Loved him – absolutely adored him – but could I remember his name? Liam… Lawerence… Luke…? Luckily I knew it began with the letter L. Laura would know. Laughing to myself, I remembered the time we’d both bought each other the same album of his as a present. “Live And Loud” was the name of it, but I STILL couldn’t remember the name of the artist. Laura had arrived – I heard the doorbell go. “Laura, who was that pop star we both loved when we were younger?” I said. “Lucky for you, I do,” she replied. “L… L… Oh, no! I’ve forgotten, too!”

That was tricky, but really fun to do! Share your stories below!

  • Please don’t use your full name when posting a message. You can use your first name, a JW character name or make up something completely new!

  • Don’t post any personal information. Like your address, age, account passwords or phone numbers.

  • Be nice! No bullying, bad language, inappropriate talk or name calling will be tolerated. This way, everyone feels safe and can be free to enjoy chatting with the JW mag team and other website users!

  • Try not to give away book endings or surprise twists! It might spoil things for a fellow JW fan.

  • Have fun! You can ask us anything you like and we’ll always try to answer your questions and help out. Enjoy!

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