Saturday Story Starter – Floss’s Fairground!

Have you been to a funfair this summer? I haven’t, yet, but they’re something that I always associate with summertime. One of Jacky’s most popular books, Candyfloss, features a funfair – and I think it would be a great to use this setting as inspiration for a story…

Think of the rides and all the things you’d see to create a descriptive setting – don’t forget to add the things you’d smell and hear (I’m thinking candyfloss, hot dogs and lots of music and chatter). Does your character enjoy the fair or do they find it too loud and noisy?

Once you’ve got a descriptive and detailed setting that appeals to all your senses, think of an exciting and dramatic plot for your tale. Maybe your character gets lost in the crowd, perhaps they meet a spooky fortune teller who can see into their future, or maybe they get stuck at the top of the Ferris wheel – eek!

Whatever happens in your story, have fun writing! 🙂

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