Saturday Story Starter – Hooray for Hetty!

Write a story based on your favourite foundling!

Sapphire Servant

Count up the numbers in your date of birth to choose an exciting new plot for a new Hetty Feather story!

For example:

If you date of birth is 5/6/2004

5 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 17

Keep adding till you get 9 or less:

1 + 7 = 8

Now match your number to list below to find your plot!

1 – Hetty’s mother decides to keep her but she is outcast by society and they end up in the workhouse!

2 – Hetty escapes the Foundling Hospital along with her no.1 enemy, Sheila! Write about their adventures.

3 – Baby Hetty is abandoned at the doorstep of a wealthy Victorian family. What will become of her and will she live a life of privilege or slavery?

4 – Dear Nurse Winterson is actually Hetty’s mother! She makes plans to smuggle her daughter to freedom – but will she succeed?

6 – Not long after arriving at the Foundling Hospital Hetty is adopted by a couple who often come to view the foundlings as they eat their Sunday meal. Will she live happily ever after?

7 – The Foundling Hospital is destroyed by a terrible fire! Hetty manages to escape – but where will she and the other foundlings go?

8 – Hetty is locked up in a tower for bad behaviour! She discovers a secret door – but where does it lead to?

9 – Hetty finds a new friend at the Foundling Hospital – YOU! How would the two of you get along, and what kind of adventures would you have together?

I’m so looking forward to reading your Hetty-inspired stories! Remember to share them below, or email your story to

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  • Don’t post any personal information. Like your address, age, account passwords or phone numbers.

  • Be nice! No bullying, bad language, inappropriate talk or name calling will be tolerated. This way, everyone feels safe and can be free to enjoy chatting with the JW mag team and other website users!

  • Try not to give away book endings or surprise twists! It might spoil things for a fellow JW fan.

  • Have fun! You can ask us anything you like and we’ll always try to answer your questions and help out. Enjoy!

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