Saturday Story Starter – The Fortune-Teller’s Tale

Let’s imagine you are at a fair with your family set in a field on the outskirts of town. There are lots of colourful stalls with games and fun activities. You wander past the Coconut Shy, taking in the sights and sounds of the fairground. A small child rushes past you and knocks you to the ground. As you pull yourself up and dust yourself down, you spot a small striped tent at the edge of the field, almost completely hidden by the sweeping branches of a weeping willow tree. Intrigued, you make your way towards the tent. The noise of the fair seems to disappear into the background as you place your hand on the canvas of the tent. A commanding voice calls out “Enter!”.

Nervously, you pull open the doorway of the tent and step inside. It’s dark, almost pitch-black and you can barely see in front of you. Just then, a flicker of candlelight glows, lighting up the tent and revealing a wizened old woman sitting at a small round table. In front of her is a glistening glass ball, shining in the glow of the candle. The woman beckons for you to sit down and waves her hand over the glass ball. Suddenly, the ball lights up with a rainbow of flashing colours!

“Your future awaits you, young lady…” croaks the old woman as she caresses the mystical glass ball…

  • What will you see in the glass ball?
  • Will your fortune be good or bad news?
  • Perhaps this woman has a warning for you? Or advice and guidance?
  • What will happen when the old woman has finished telling you your fortune?
  • Will life ever be the same again?

Have fun finishing this story, everyone! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with…

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  • Have fun! You can ask us anything you like and we’ll always try to answer your questions and help out. Enjoy!

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