Saturday Story Starter – Roll & Write!

All you need is a dice, pen and paper, and LOTS of imagination!

So, what shall we write about today? I know! Something you know lots about; a place where you spend a lot of your time… Let’s write a school-themed story together!


First, roll the dice to pick your main character…

1 – Sammy, the class clown.

2 – Edie, the school bully.

3 – Miss Harvard. She’s the strictest head teacher EVER!

4 – Robbie, the new boy in school.

5 – Trina. Sporty and very popular!

6 – Mr Bates, the creepy janitor.

Jot down your character on your piece of paper.

Now, we roll again to find a setting for our tale…

1 – The dark and dusty school basement.

2 – The head teacher’s office!

3 – In the gym hall.

4 – In the middle of the school playground.

5 – In the classroom.

6 – A quiet corner of the school library.

Jot down your setting alongside your character choice.

Let’s roll once more to choose an interesting twist!

1 – The fire alarm goes off!

2 – A fierce storm means everyone is stuck at school long after home-time!

3 – A celebrity visit has everyone super-excited…

4 – Someone’s pet snake escapes during show and tell!

5 – A special school trip gets off to a disastrous start…

6 – There’s much excitement when a cat wanders into the classroom!

Jot down your twist. You now have a character, setting and plot twist. You can use these notes as a handy plan for writing your story.

Don’t forget to share your story below! What will you write, and how will you end your school story? We can’t wait to see!

  • Please don’t use your full name when posting a message. You can use your first name, a JW character name or make up something completely new!

  • Don’t post any personal information. Like your address, age, account passwords or phone numbers.

  • Be nice! No bullying, bad language, inappropriate talk or name calling will be tolerated. This way, everyone feels safe and can be free to enjoy chatting with the JW mag team and other website users!

  • Try not to give away book endings or surprise twists! It might spoil things for a fellow JW fan.

  • Have fun! You can ask us anything you like and we’ll always try to answer your questions and help out. Enjoy!

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