Saturday Story Starter – The Secret Attic

Have a read of this opening paragraph, then have fun continuing the story YOUR way! Don’t forget to share your story below – or email the finished tale to



Emilia nudged the door open ever so carefully so as not to disturb the dust and cobwebs. Surprisingly, the door swung open without resistance – almost as if someone had kept the brass hinges oiled all these years. Impossible, she thought to herself. Why, this house had been deserted for at least 30 years! That is, until Emilia and her family had moved in just that morning.

Shining her torch inside the room, Emilia was surprised to see a sturdy iron bedstead in the corner. It was all made up with a heavy antique eiderdown and the pillow was plumped and ready for a weary head. The rest of the room was sparsely furnished – just a small simple wooden table holding a single candle. Emillia wondered who had once slept in this room. A lowly servant girl, perhaps, she pondered as she ran her hand over the cool iron of the bed. Suddenly, the metal began to vibrate, ever so slightly. Terrified, Emilia snatched her hand away and stared at the bed in amazement. A humming noise seemed to buzz in her ears and the light in the room began to dip and dim. Emilia had the oddest sensation that she was being watched…

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