On Sale: 07 January 2015

SO Much To Do This Issue!

This issue is jam-packed with amazing things to do, fabulous prizes to win and loads of information about Jacky's super-cute pets, Jacob, Lily and Jackson - it's the only place you can find out about them!

LOADS Of Art Tips!

Artist extraordinaire Nick Sharratt is on hand to give you his awesome art tips! This issue he shows you how to create cute fingerprint animals and how to draw Jacky's dog, Jackson! Plus, find out if he's picked your picture for his gallery!

WIN! Your Story In JW Mag!

This issue, we're launching an amazing competition - all you've got to do is write an animal-themed story, and we'll pick the best one and print it in the mag! Pick up this issue for more info and some writing tips to get you started!